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Searches on programmes are limited to those listed in the linked pages on the left. Where programmes exist, results will be accurate for 1922-25 and from 1959 onwards. They may be incomplete for other years because of text being unrecognised, particularly in typewritten programmes of 1953-57.

Concert archive

We are building an online archive of the Club's historic programmes. All the programmes available to us have been scanned and processed by OCR (optical character recognition) to make them searchable and are on the website. Thanks are due to Tamara Ravenhill, Alan Reddish and Chris Underhill for doing most of the scanning.

We are missing the following programmes:

  • most programmes from Jan 1900 to Feb 1922; these are held in the Bodleian Library
  • concert nos. 759-762 from 1933
  • concert no. 959 from 1955
  • concert no. 1022 from 1958
  • many programmes between 1961 and 1973, including most from 1961 to 1964

If you are able to lend any of the missing programmes, please get in touch.

Some scans have not been susceptible to OCR. In such cases we have to export the scan to Microsoft Word and edit the document manually, which is very time-consuming. All the post-1961 programmes have been processed in this way by Alan Reddish and Chris Crocker. Most programmes prior to 1958 have yet to be tackled. If you are skilled in Word and would like to help, we'd love to hear from you.