Calendar 2018-19

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Date Time Venue Programme Organiser(s)
Sat 22 Sep 5:30pm Housman Concert Mark Lowe
Sat 29 Sep 5:30pm Housman Alan Reddish birthday celebration Nick Reading
Sat 13 Oct 5:30pm Housman Open Concert Graham Bowler
Sat 3 Nov 5:30pm Housman AGM and Concert Committee
Mon 12 Nov 7:00pm Haldane Joint Concert with UCL CMC Rupert Bawden, Dace Ruklisa (UCL)
Sat 17 Nov 5:30pm Housman English music around World War 1 John Bradley
Wed 28 Nov 7:30pm Bloomsbury Baptist Church Concert Norman Starritt
Sat 15 Dec 5:30pm Housman Nothing too Serious ! Christine Fisher, Patrick Howard
Wed 16 Jan 7:30pm Haldane Scandinavian music Alan Thomas
Sat 26 Jan 5:30pm Housman New Members' Concert Geneviève Usher
Sat 9 Feb 5:30pm Housman Artist Portrait – Simon Rowland-Jones Rupert Bawden
Wed 27 Feb 7:30pm St. George's Bloomsbury Concert Chiawen Kiew
Sat 9 Mar 2:00pm Housman Concerto Workshop Music Committee, Chris Fifield
Sat 30 Mar 5:30pm Housman Operatic Ensembles Rogelio Aguilar
Sat 6 Apr 5:30pm St. George's Bloomsbury Wind Ed Cook
Sun 14 Apr 10:00am Lea Barn Strings Play Day Deborah and Robert Behrman, Peter Wall
Thu 9 May 7:30pm Haldane Open Concert Graham Bowler
Sat 18 May 6:30pm St George's Bloomsbury Handel – L'Allegro, Il Penseroso ed Il Moderato Oratorio Committee
Wed 5 Jun 7:30pm Haldane Music from Spanish speaking countries Daniela Amasanti-DeBono
Sat 22 Jun 5:30pm Housman Concert – L’Entente Cordiale Eric Van Lauwe, Ellie McConnell
Sat 29 Jun 5:30pm Housman Concert Helen Cass
Sat 13 Jul 5:30pm Housman Concert Mark Zarb-Adami