Calendar 2022-23

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Printable pdf version of the calendar as originally published. Does not have the change from Apr 25 to Apr 29.

Date Time Venue Programme Organiser(s)
Sat 17 Sep 17:30 Housman Concert Mark Lowe
Sat 1 Oct 17:30 Housman Concert Chris Underhill
Sat 15 Oct 17:30 Housman Vaughan Williams anniversary Norman Starritt
Sat 5 Nov 17:30 Housman AGM Committee
Sat 19 Nov 17:30 Housman Open Concert  Graham Bowler
Wed 30 Nov 19:00 Lumen Concert John Bradley
Sat 10 Dec 17:30 Housman Nothing Too Serious Pam Kolirin
Sat 7 Jan 17:30 Housman Concert Adrienne Walters
Sat 14 Jan 17:30 Zoom Online Concert Committee
Wed 25 Jan tba tba Concert Gideon Gray
Sat 28 Jan 17:30 Housman Mahler Symphony no.4 & Club composers (special guest Sir Richard Armstrong) Geneviève Usher
Sat 4 Feb 17:30 Housman New Members' Concert Rupert Bawden
Sat 25 Feb 17:30 Housman Small mixed ensembles Peter Wall
Sat 4 Mar 14:00 Housman Concerto Workshop Subcommittee
Sat 18 Mar 17:30 Housman Baroque/Baroque inspired Lyn Parkyns
Wed 29 Mar 17:30 tba Concert Rob Keeley
Sat 15 Apr 17:30 Housman Contemporary Chris Crocker
Sat 29 Apr 15:30 Housman Singers' Concert (ensembles) Pam Kolirin
Sun 7 May tba Lea Barn Strings Playday Deborah and Robert Behrman, Peter Wall
Sat 20 May 17:30 St. George's Bloomsbury Mainly Wind Ed Cook
Sat 27 May 17:30 Housman Two-piano Concert Isaac Barry
Wed 7 Jun tba tba Open Concert Graham Bowler
Sat 24 Jun 17:30 Housman Alan Reddish tribute Rupert Bawden
Sat 8 Jul 17:30 Housman Concert Eric Van Lauwe, Ellie McConnell